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"The 5 Most Important Factors to consider when choosing the Right Professional Wedding Photographer"

We hope that you enjoy the images you see in our portfolio; we know how important it is for you to view and get a feel of our style and creativity in order to match it with your desire to have

professionally done images for your big Wedding Day. Feel free to book a complimentary  Wedding Photography consultation now by clicking on the "Contact" button above. Thank you for

considering us! Please read further on what to look for in a Wedding Photographer...

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer David E Gordon offers brides a unique and bold look for their wedding photography. And we would like you to consider the following...

The 5 Most Important Factors to consider when

choosing the Right Professional Wedding Photographer


1 |    When to Hire

When choosing your Professional Wedding Photographer, the idea is to take time to research: You probably want to start looking early-within 12-18 months before your Big Day. Because you

want to give yourself time to sit with multiple professional wedding photographers to see which one works best with you, your style and your ideas best.


2 |   Style

When choosing your Professional Wedding Photographer, you may want ask them what their style is... Style is everything since this is your Big Day, the day you have dreamed of for a very

long time.... and chances are you have paged through 1000's yes 1000's of wedding photography sites and images and you have now  been inspired by a certain style of how you want Your

wedding to be... So please remember to ask your Wedding Photographer about their style: (i.e. photojournalist, stylish, modern, contemporary, poser) The more versatility they come accoss

will give you an idea of how experienced they are along with giving you a glimpse of their ability to remain flexible throughout your Wedding Day.

    3 |    Albums & Prints

When choosing your Professional Wedding Photographer, you will want to discuss tangible product options like Album and Prints. This is important because you want to ensure that you

know what is included in your Wedding Photography package or options for tangible product add-ons. Even though you may have the option to print your digital proofs, they are not

considered "tangible" items and therefore are not the same as having a professionally designed finished Wedding Album and large Wall Prints for your home and for showing off to family &

friends... Especially Grandma! Furthermore, research has shown us that couples usually don’t print though, and they forget about the files until their hard drive crashes. So please be sure to

let your wedding photographer know that you want to see their options for "Tangible" Wedding Albums and actual samples of Wall Prints.


4 |    Invest in your Wedding

When choosing your (Professional) Wedding Photographer, this is probably not where you should be cutting the budget, but instead, truly consider making sure you have the best

professional photographer within your budget --- and padded with extra from family and friends-- to ensure your BIG DAY is captured the way it should be: perfectly! So this is

truly is not the time to even consider that “friend” or “uncle” with a camera... (well, that last one was me at one time; although, I was Professional when I was asked to document three of my nieces

and nephews weddings :). So, unless they are professional based on what you have read and consider so far concerning the Important Five.... ,I'm saying just simply consider your budget and keep in

mind that a professional photographer should be at the top or the tip top of your list of people to reach out to first. 

  5 |    Time Lines

Discussing your Wedding Time line is very important because you want to ensure that the correct amount of time is allotted for different aspects of the BIG DAY. When you sit down with

your photographer, you will have the chance to discuss when and where to take certain photos. Time lines and adhering to them is the best way to ensure that your day includes all the

necessary photographs at their specific time. Furthermore, with a strategic time line in place, which allows enough time for important images like family formals, you are sure to have a more relaxed and fun time!

Bonus: | SMILE

At the end of your BIG DAY, please consider the moment it is finished. The Limousine guy took off. The Party Bus has gone on to his next gig. The Band has dismantled. The officiant has departed to his/her

home.  The music has stopped, completely; DJ Spin has spun her last record for the night. The cake has been cut and divided amongst guest (I got two pieces :)). The decorations have all come down and the

blank canvas of the room stands before you as it did when you were first given the tour of the venue. And the food; Ah, it is gone. But, the images, the pictures of the day, the Wedding Pictures and the Wedding Album

and the Wedding Portraits… they are yet to come… they were captured in the past but are traveling into the future in hopes to grace your coffee table with the First Family Heirloom (aka Wedding Album)

and to accent one of your favorite rooms and walls with Printed Portraiture of the two of you on your BIG DAY. What a thought… Now, I say all these things with a light heart and a smile because I am not in

anyway saying that none of the above other elements of the day are not important; they all are because having one without the other and there’s no wedding and immediate celebration for family and friends.

But please please twice, truly consider the true value of the Professional Photographer that you choose because in the end, truly at the end of the day, you have each other first and second, the images that

were captured throughout that day. And consider that  these images were captured for the very purpose so that you can relive the moments of that BIG DAY through your lifetimes and and eventually

(here comes time travel again-I'm really into time travel by the way) your children’s children will have the ability to view them in the future and within their lifetimes as well. Isn’t that worth paying for?

I truly believe your future is worth it. Perhaps you can sense, this is one of my greatest passions; creating images, whether it is for a wedding or Portraiture for families. I truly believe that we should come back to

Professional curated and crafted Wedding Albums that a Professional Photographer will offer so that you those precious moments like Wedding images can continue to be preserved.

And if you choose me, I got ya! :) Thank you kindly reading and I truly hope to hear from you soon :)

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