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for showing an interest in our work here at David E Gordon Photography. We understand the great endeavor that you have before you to choose the right person to capture your big day the way it should be. And here it is time to choose one of the most important aspects of your Wedding, which, if you choose the right person, will make sure your finished professionally curated Wedding Album (otherwise known as the “first” family heirloom) and images will endure for many generations to come. We truly believe that one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself, beside your new spouse, is the gift of superb images of your Wedding day as it unfolds. We know that you may have a countless number of photographers to choose from; but please choose wisely based on personality (meet with us), style (what you enjoying see from our website), product offering (albums, wall prints, gifts prints, cards), and last of all these should be pricing. We take documenting this unrepeatable Big Day a very Big Deal and the end result is having a great time with me as your Creative Director and ultimately enjoying your first family heirloom (Wedding Album) that you can carry on with you beyond the day and for many years to come.

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I am married to an awesomely wonderful pretty lady who just happens to be Americas Top Chef and we are the parents  of three beautiful boys who I call my Warriors! My focus continues to evolve around my faith in my G-d, support of my family and my involvement with my community. My mind is always and has been, since I was young, on overdrive searching and observing creativity in the world around me as well as the within the world within me; creating artistry in forms of writing, drawing and now photography is one of my humble talents. And It truly is what helps to motivate me each day to strive to create something more than what is just seen or perceived. But when I am trying to turn off the creative brain for a time, I truly enjoy just the simple things in life; Like being still, trying to pay attention to the beautiful silence, being with my family about the house, walking about in my community, bike  riding, reading journals, writing and just staying unplugged as much as possible from the noise (In-ter-net/the Web) of our world.


David E Gordon Photography is a unique blended studio of both Legacy Wedding and Modern Portraiture photography. Our images have been described by clients as bold, creative, and exceptional due to our ability to pull out the best in our clients while creating clean imagery. David E Gordon Photography has great all-inclusive Wedding Photography options to choose from. And our Portraiture selections are focused on creating the most gorgeous heirloom pieces and art décor for your home.

all-inclusive Luxury Wedding packages start at $2500; please contact us to schedule a meeting.

Families, Seniors and Portraits Investment costs available upon request.

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